Fibromyalgia is a literal prison of pain

There is a world of difference between dealing with a sore back or sore muscles every now and again and living in the prison of pain that is fibromyalgia.
Unfortunately, according to information published by the British Medical Journal, a considerable amount of people every single year are going to be diagnosed with this debilitating condition – and it’s going to change their lives forever.
A pretty common muscular and skeletal pain disease that is going to impact your muscles, your ligaments, your tendons, and even your bones, fibromyalgia is going to leave you feeling exhausted, worn out, worn down, and in pain 99.99% of the time.
Pain levels can range from relatively mild to tremendously severe
It’s impossible to know exactly how painful fibromyalgia is going to be commented not only because the disease impacts everyone differently but also because everyone has a different pain threshold than everyone else.
Some are going to be able to fight through the chronic pain that fibromyalgia causes with nothing more than a bit of exercise, stretching, and over-the-counter medications whereas others are going to require very powerful and very potent prescription drugs to get the job done.
Fibromyalgia conditions usually get worse over time, which is why you’ll want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to effectively manage pain in the early stages so that things don’t get far worse later down the line.  This often means prescription strength painkillers.  Codeine medications can be bought online legally in the UK and they are very effective as they change the body’s response to pain.
Symptoms to be on the lookout for
You are almost instantly going to notice fibromyalgia pain right off the bat, simply because it will be a pain that doesn’t leave your body without some serious intervention.
You’ll feel pain deep in your muscles, and aching, burning, stabbing, and shooting pain that gets worse as the day goes on until you almost find it challenging just to move and brief.
You’ll also begin to notice that your sleep patterns are all over the place and that it’s impossible to get a truly restful sleep no matter how long you stay in bed.
Of course, to really understand exactly what you’re up against you’ll need to speak with a trained medical professional and move through a legitimate diagnosis. But once they know exactly what you were contending with they’ll be able to prescribe you powerful prescription grade pain killers that manage the pain more effectively than most anything else ever could. Cocodamol 500/30 (sometimes referred to as cocodamol 30/500) combines two painkillers in one. You get all the power of 500mg of paracetamol along with 30mg of codeine. Utilize these pain pills as directed and you’ll be able to lead the same kind of active and pain-free lifestyle you’d always expected to.