Simple gym hacks that help you maximize your workouts

The only real secret behind maximizing all of the time that you spend exercising and working out is keeping a consistent program and moving through the motions regularly.

This kind of singular minded focus will always produce results, though they may not come along quite as quickly or as impressively as you had hoped.

At the same time, there are definitely things you’re going to be able to do to dramatically improve the results that you get from each and every one of your exercise sessions. Utilize the tips and tricks that we’ve included below and you will be able to supercharge all of the results you get from your time spent in the gym.

gym hacks 1

Warm-up for 10 minutes before you hit the weights

The majority of people that work out grab a hunk of iron and just start getting right after things the moment that they step into the gym, but that’s a perfect way to invite injury and to stress your body far more than you should be.

What you want to do instead is warm-up for about 10 minutes – preparing your muscles for the high intensity that they are about to go through – and you’ll be able to injury proof your body much more effectively than if you skipped this 10 minute warm-up.

Knockout large major muscle groups first

While this approach might mean that you have to wait a little bit to get into the swing of things – especially if people are packing your gym when you arrive – you want to be sure that you don’t focus on overtaxing your smaller muscle groups over there are your biceps, your forearms, your shoulders, etc. – if you’re going to be working on your larger muscle groups.

When you work out your chest, for example (very much a major muscle group) you are also going to be taxing supporting muscles along the way in your forearms, in your biceps, in your shoulders, and in your core.

If you focus on these smaller muscle groups first before you get around to working out your chest you’re going to find that your small muscle groups fatigue much faster and you’ve never get to really blessed those major muscle groups the way you would have been able to otherwise.

gym hacks 2

Always make sure that you were to act the largest muscle group of the day the moment that you walk into the gym and then move down until you get to the smallest muscle groups that should already be pretty fatigued and ready to be blasted.